What you should take into account when making bench press?

The bench press is one of the most used exercises in the world of fitness, but if you do not perform it in the right way you may end up injured


It’s one of the most recommended exercises to work arms, chest and back exercises, but you should take certain things in mind to avoid getting injured:


  • Place your feet well: Having supported feet will give you the balance and strength you need to lift the weight well and be able to exercise well
  • Put your hands where they go: You must hold the weight a little separated, up to shoulder height and the bar should be resting on the center of the palm
  • Bring the bar just to the exact point: while holding the weight it must touch your chest, but you can’t let it rest upon you, because if not the shoulders would be making an extra effort. When going back up, you must do it firm and quickly
  • Keep your eyes on the bar: It’s a good technique to put all your attention on the exercise and be able to perform this routine in the right wayarticle-haz-bien-el-press-de-banca-564468370eb2f

Keep injuries away

Suffering from injuries because of trainings is common, so it’s important for you to know different stretches to keep injuries away.


Stretching is key when you’re training because it may be the reason of keeping the injuries away. So here are some tips to stretch in the right way and train without problems:


  • Make dynamic stretches: These consist in moving dynamically without stopping your movements, meaning; move your arms in circles, rotate your head and give simple jumps
  • Static stretching : are special to stretch specific muscles , that is, if you go jogging , stretching focus mostly on the legs
  • Between sets: If you go to the gym and work different muscle in one day, you can stretch the muscle you’re working between sets to prevent post workout pain
  • Final stretch: If you finish a workout is important to stretch to cool the muscles and avoid injury or pain after trainingmotivation-workout

Foods you should eat daily that benefit your health

You definitely are what you eat, so it’s important to always consume foods that benefit your body and your health.

A good nutrition is the foundation to lead a healthy life and fitness, being that

through food we bring to our body all these vitamins and minerals it needs to function perfectly.


We do nothing exercising if we don’t eat well, so here are a list of eight foods you should always include in your diet :


  1. Spinach : Rich in Omega 3, calcium and folic acid
  2. Lentils : This grain is rich in protein, calcium and zinc
  3. Tomatoes : Rich in antioxidants and perfect for disease prevention
  4. Zanahoria: Tiene gran cantidad de carotenoides
  5. Grapes: They contain antioxidants and flavonoids that our health care
  6. Chickpeas : Its high content of calcium, iron and protein are ideal to complete your diet
  7. Nuts: High content of fatty acids benefit heart health
  8. Oats: High in fiber and benefits the heart, digestion and regulates the voltage


Benefits of stabilizing your core

Stabilizing your core can bring many benefits to your body because it’s the point that wraps around the center of gravity of the body.

The core is the point where the whole center of gravity of the body is concentrated, therefore, doing specific exercises for this area provides many benefits to our body in general.

The best way to strengthen the core is by exercises that let you work the major muscle groups, for example deadweight, or working with kettlebells to tone the lower back and trunk.

Besides, working the core constantly will allow you to tone the buttocks, abdomen, back and arms. You can always vary the routine to achieve better results and avoid stagnation. It’s advisable to exercise the core of 2-3 times a week. Make this exercise into your best ally and enjoy its benefits.ddb3b8eebb48e5f39a60ec8fedc49322

What are multivitamins and what are they for?

Sometimes, our body needs certain elements it can’t produce by itself like in the case of multivitamins.


Multivitamins are a dietary supplement capable of providing all the minerals and vitamins our body needs to function in the most ideal way. Having a balanced diet is also fundamental for this but sometimes it’s not enough. That’s why we need to take dietary supplements, even more if we workout.
They are able to elevate your energy levels, protect your bones from osteoporosis, restore your muscle mass, reduce heart rate problems and strengthen your immune system.


The thing to do would be to take one multivitamin per day but you should first contact a doctor so he/she can recommend an ideal one for you.29-vitamins

Dieting is equal to eating pineapple

Pineapple is a must when dieting due to the amazing benefits this fruit features.


This fruit is one of the most popular ones because it helps during the process of losing weight due to the high amount of fiber it possesses which causes the feeling of being satiated, it is also has diuretic properties and it purifies your body. Besides, every 100 grams of pineapple has only 60 calories, which makes it one of the fruits containing less calories.


It’s perfect to eat at breakfast or for snacks, even if it is in the evening or the afternoon. In the other hand, you can boil pineapple shell in water you’ll get the perfect toxin eliminator for your body. It is super healthy and good for you and it’s really simple to do, you just have to boil the shell and drink this water several times a day.

So, if you’re thinking on starting a diet any time soon I recommend that you complement your meals with this delicious and beneficial fruit.pineapple-871622_640

Enjoy the benefits of drinking red tea

Red tea can be a great influence confronting any problems in our organism. Discover the amazing benefits this drink has for you.


To fight diseases, it is customary in the chinese culture to drink all kinds of natural tea. Several studies have demonstrated the great advantages that red tea can bestow to our body, for example:


  • It has diuretic properties that promote the elimination of toxins through urine
  • It favours digestion because it stimulates the production of stomach acids
  • Boosts your metabolism, therefore having a slimming effect
  • Helps burn fat faster
  • Regulates cholesterol levels796402e499985c13d66929d6617959c9
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