Things are better when you’re outside

The thing about training outside is that you have many benefits that you’ve never thought about. Although, depending on your goals, the amount of outdoor trainings could be less or more. This kind of training is perfect if you’re looking for losing weight, it’s a bit harder if you’re looking to gain weight because you would require to take out many heavy things in order to obtain this.


So if your goal is to burn up those extra pounds this is your best choice because:

  • is free, no registration or signing up needed.
  • no need to wait for someone to stop using it so you can
  • it has no closing time
  • there’s no fresher air than outside, where you can enjoy nature. Besides, you won’t have to tolerate other people’s strong odors, like you would in a closed gym.
  • you can train with as many people as you like, you can even make a date out of it. Whether is with your family, friends or a loved one.
  • it’s a perfect time for you to connect with yourself and concentrate on your most important thoughts


If you haven’t tried it stop wasting more time. Just remember that if you’ll be doing it during the day you’ll need sunblock, and at night a proper dressing for the cold and the dark. An never ever forget to hydrate!entrenamiento-al-aire-libre


About jeanalvarezblog

Instructor Nacional de Acondicionamiento Fisico #00170, Entrenador Personal #0069 Con más de 13 años de experiencia en distintas areas del fitness como: Físico Culturismo, Body Fitness, Acondicionamiento Físico y Entrenamiento Funcional. Certificaciones: Certificación Internacional I.F.B.B Entrenador Personal I.F.B.B Instructor Nacional I.F.B.B FTS (Functional Training System) Personalizado y Grupal TRX Rip TRX Group Class TRX Personal Training Super Slow System Heavy Duty System Preparador de Atletas de Competencia en BodyFitness y FisicoCulturismo.


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