Include some green in your daily meals

Many people don’t know how important and beneficial it is for us to consume vegetables on a daily basis. The common thought is that’s just good for you because that’s what you were told as a child. But, did you know that vegetables have a heavy influence to obtain weight loss changes? After a while, some diets don’t get you to your goal, even if you have a clean diet filled with protein. Vegetables are a necessary element that give a balance to your diet and keeps you healthy. So here are some facts that maybe you didn’t know about greens:


  • They provide your body with more water than lots of foods, just like fruits but without that sugar that your body absorbs, even if it’s natural, sugar will always be sugar.
  • Greens have a high content of antioxidants which is extremely beneficial for your health.
  • The fiber they provide to your diet is excellent to avoid constipation, levels your cholesterol, prevents colon cancer and stimulates a healthy glucose level.

So, what are you waiting for to start eating more green than you’re used to? They’re easy to find and even more easy to eat, get right to it and you’ll thank me later. Saludables-vegetales-verdes-para-el-invierno-1


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Instructor Nacional de Acondicionamiento Fisico #00170, Entrenador Personal #0069 Con más de 13 años de experiencia en distintas areas del fitness como: Físico Culturismo, Body Fitness, Acondicionamiento Físico y Entrenamiento Funcional. Certificaciones: Certificación Internacional I.F.B.B Entrenador Personal I.F.B.B Instructor Nacional I.F.B.B FTS (Functional Training System) Personalizado y Grupal TRX Rip TRX Group Class TRX Personal Training Super Slow System Heavy Duty System Preparador de Atletas de Competencia en BodyFitness y FisicoCulturismo.


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