This is what you should avoid when you finish exercising

When finishing your training our metabolism is very fast, that’s why there are certain things you should avoid to keep all the effort you made.


Our metabolism is literally a sponge that absorbs everything at the end of training, because it’s accelerated and ready to receive the most nutrients to repair and recover everything that the body has lost during exercise. Therefore it is preferable to avoid a few things:


  • Energy drinks: They contain a lot of sugar, dyes and chemicals that you don’t need, they’ll only make you regain those lost calories. They are recommended for athletes who spend more than 1 hour and 30 minutes training daily.
  • Pure protein: Although protein is essential for muscle repair after exercise, you should include other elements such as simple carbohydrates.
  • Commercial Smoothies: Is normal that after exercising you feel the need of eating something to regain energy, but commercial smoothies usually have sugar and components wont repair your body, they’re just a bomb of calories.
  • Not eating anything after training: If you don’t eat anything after training, even if you’re not hungry, after a while you’ll have a voracious hunger that’ll make you eat like crazy, including foods you shouldn’t35c0d00ffba843931df3cf480c5ab502

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