What you should take into account when making bench press?

The bench press is one of the most used exercises in the world of fitness, but if you do not perform it in the right way you may end up injured


It’s one of the most recommended exercises to work arms, chest and back exercises, but you should take certain things in mind to avoid getting injured:


  • Place your feet well: Having supported feet will give you the balance and strength you need to lift the weight well and be able to exercise well
  • Put your hands where they go: You must hold the weight a little separated, up to shoulder height and the bar should be resting on the center of the palm
  • Bring the bar just to the exact point: while holding the weight it must touch your chest, but you can’t let it rest upon you, because if not the shoulders would be making an extra effort. When going back up, you must do it firm and quickly
  • Keep your eyes on the bar: It’s a good technique to put all your attention on the exercise and be able to perform this routine in the right wayarticle-haz-bien-el-press-de-banca-564468370eb2f

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