Keep injuries away

Suffering from injuries because of trainings is common, so it’s important for you to know different stretches to keep injuries away.


Stretching is key when you’re training because it may be the reason of keeping the injuries away. So here are some tips to stretch in the right way and train without problems:


  • Make dynamic stretches: These consist in moving dynamically without stopping your movements, meaning; move your arms in circles, rotate your head and give simple jumps
  • Static stretching : are special to stretch specific muscles , that is, if you go jogging , stretching focus mostly on the legs
  • Between sets: If you go to the gym and work different muscle in one day, you can stretch the muscle you’re working between sets to prevent post workout pain
  • Final stretch: If you finish a workout is important to stretch to cool the muscles and avoid injury or pain after trainingmotivation-workout

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Instructor Nacional de Acondicionamiento Fisico #00170, Entrenador Personal #0069 Con más de 13 años de experiencia en distintas areas del fitness como: Físico Culturismo, Body Fitness, Acondicionamiento Físico y Entrenamiento Funcional. Certificaciones: Certificación Internacional I.F.B.B Entrenador Personal I.F.B.B Instructor Nacional I.F.B.B FTS (Functional Training System) Personalizado y Grupal TRX Rip TRX Group Class TRX Personal Training Super Slow System Heavy Duty System Preparador de Atletas de Competencia en BodyFitness y FisicoCulturismo.


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